There are More People Looking for Jobs than You Think

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There are More People Looking for Jobs than You Think

When you look at a job board, or you talk to a job recruiter, it can seem like there are millions of jobs out there with nobody applying for them, but don’t let this fool you!  There are countless job seekers right now, all looking for the same thing you are.  

This is why it might be hard to see that.

Most Unemployed People Aren’t On the Unemployment

Although you may think you can look at unemployment numbers to see how many other people are currently job hunting, sixty percent of people who are unemployed don’t apply for unemployment.  For many, this is because they don’t think they’ll be unemployed for long enough to need it, while others avoid it because of the perceived social stigma.  

If you’re looking at your city and assuming all unemployed people are on unemployment, you’re missing a huge number of people.

Many Are Trying to Ditch Deadend Jobs

Quiet quitting has been a hot term over the last couple of years, as people pull back from the extra responsibilities expected of them and put work into looking for a job elsewhere.

Although you may see them as working and assume they don’t need work, they could be going to multiple interviews every week.  Many companies prefer to hire someone who’s already working because it shows they haven’t been fired for anything, which can make them stiff competition.

There’s High Turnover Almost Everywhere

Employee turnover jumped to 20% in 2022, thanks to many people realizing it’s an employee market.  This means they were emboldened to seek jobs with more benefits, higher pay, and better options, rather than stick with one that would only offer a 2% raise by the end of the year.  

This high turnover means that even if someone gets hired for a job, they may not work for it beyond the three to six-month mark and could be returning to the talent pool.

Many Are Eager for a Second Job

Everything is more expensive than ever.  Although we’re heading into a financial crisis as a nation, the cost of housing and goods is higher than ever.  Most people can’t simply wait to see if everything will pan out and need money now to be able to afford a house and feed their family.

Although they already have a job, these individuals are looking for additional work to make their days easier. 

How Do You Compete?

Competing in a market like this is difficult!  You want to be able to work and show that you’re a high-value worker, yet it can feel like almost everyone else is going through the same struggle.  

If this is the case for you, take the time to work on your resume, practice your interviewing skills, and consider how you’re reaching out to employers.  If you can’t make yourself stand out, you could continue to miss out on great jobs.

There’s Nothing As Competitive As The Job Market

The job market is a wild world of seemingly endless jobs with nobody filling them, yet so many people are struggling to get work.  If you really want to break out of this cycle, don’t worry!  You’ll get employed. You just need to take the time to make yourself the best option out there.

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