EV Control System – Online Courses Hybrid Electric Vehicle

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EV Control System - Online Courses Hybrid Electric Vehicle

The automotive industry has witnessed a recent innovation wave from combustion to electric systems. This wave is not only supported by industrialists, but the government is also providing full support. The government has initiated programs to enhance electric vehicle production worldwide. 

However, the efficiency of these electric vehicles can be the main reason for their acceptance in the global market. Motor control solutions are one factor that strengthens the drivetrain of Electric vehicles.  

The motor control solution is much more than a network that regulates the driving speed of PMSM motors or brushless DC motors. Many algorithms play an essential role in ensuring a smoother experience of driving, diagnostics of ECU, efficiency, etc. Moreover, driving various motors of varying capacities, utilization of the same motor controller, and various enhanced power control systems are of utmost importance. 

Electric Vehicle Motor Controller 

A motor controller is an appliance that modifies the achievement of electric motors in a prearranged way. The motor controller comprises manual or automatic ways of starting or stopping the motor, opting for reverse or forward rotation, controlling and choosing the speed, improving or restricting the torque, and safeguarding against overloads and faults. The primary constituents of this EV control system are the power supply, motor, drive train, controller, and charger. An EVM controller is a machine or device used to govern the torque created by the motors of an EV by improving various energy flow from the power base to the motor point. 

Online Courses for EV Control Systems

Postgraduation in the technology of hybrid electric vehicles is one of the courses introduced to commence a career in EV factories. Various experts from the high-rated industry will provide this course and make candidates skilful and industry ready. At the course end, the program will assist the students in providing efficient placement assistance. 

Courses Given in the Program

HVS and EVS, Simulink and MATLAB, Energy and Battery Storage System, Motors & Technology, System of EV propulsion, MSC ADAMS, Vehicle Dynamics, design of MBD in MATLAB/ADAM, Hybrid Electric Vehicle, ANSYS, Finite element estimation, PowerTrain of Hybrid EV, Regenerative Braking network, Devices of power electronics and BMS, MBS model vehicle, Algorithm with Python and Matlab, Projects, complete hybrid electric vehicle design with Matlab. 


• BE Mechanical or B. Tech, Electrical Engineers, final year diploma, graduate students

• Working experts who desire to engage their skills, get experience and change their employment to top positions.

Conclusion – Benefits of this program 

• The learner will get a good understanding of the basic concepts of Electric vehicle control

• The students will learn the fundamentals of this course and will be able to get a good understanding of the below-given topics: 

Network Response Control Algorithms

Design of DC Motor Control 

Vehicle Dynamics

PID Controllers

Control networks

Advantages of Discrete Systems

Importance of Digital Electronics

• The students will be exposed to the recent trends and various standard methods that are followed right now in various industries.

• The students will get a good experience using software like Simulink and Matlab.

• This course becomes the basics for candidates who want to pursue their career in such a domain.

All the best! 

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