Best Horror Books That You Must Read In 2021

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Vampires, inescapable curses and where wolfs are just some of the characters from the horror books that you should read, but in 2021 we ring you horror books that are going to make you jump off your bed. The year 2021 has been quite unexpected and even the books that we have recommended are terrifying as hell. The best scary books are the ones that will lead you to a world full of nightmares and Goosebumps. It is anticipated that you won’t even feel safe in your bed after reading the horror books that are a must read in 2021. During the cold winter nights, the best hobbies that most of us have are reading a spooky book with a cup of hot chocolate. Let’s list down the best horror books that you must read in 2021. Buy horror books online and get them delivered to you in Pakistan

The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James

Just like the title of this book the book is as mysterious and spooky, as everyone loves the creepy motel stories from the best-selling horror stories writer. The story revolves around a motel in which things weren’t so right for a long time and the main character was going to find out what was wrong with that place. This is one of the award-winning and bestselling books in the USA and if you want to know what happens next in the story then you should buy the book and ride the adventurous roller coaster with our main character.

The Sun Down Motel by [Simone St. James]

Deathless Divide by Justina Ireland

The previous book dread nation was one of the talked about horror books in 2018, after the success of that book the writer published another book and that was another big hit. The writer narrates that this is a sequel to dread nation and the main character Jane was looking for a peaceful life where she could sit back, relax, and find her mother. But her life took an unexpected turn and she realized that she was seeing familiar faces from Summerland in the new society. If you want to uncover the mystery with jane then grab this spooky book, sit back and read. Discover the truth hidden between the lies, mysteries, undead, and her inner demons.

Deathless Divide

Cursed: An Anthology edited by Marie O’Regan and Paul Kane

This book contains a collection of different horror and spooky stories that will send a chill down your spine. All the horror stories are based on the topic of cursed. Some of the stories are famous fairytales with a twist of mystery and curse. Enjoy the magical, mythical, and mysterious stories and fill your little world with all the necessary horror these winters. Be aware of the curse lurking in the corners of the darkness, watching you from afar reading to pounce upon you. It could be a beautiful looking ring or maybe an apple or even a pair of shoes that could trick you into a lifetime of the curse. You can be cursed by even the smallest thing like a prick of a needle.

The Deep by Alma Katsu

Are you a fan of titanic? Well most of us are and if you are also a titanic lover then this one horror story is obviously for you as well. This scary story is set during the journey of the titanic and how it sank. There were sudden disappearances and deaths along with many other disturbing incidents. Years later one of the few survivors of the incidents a nurse named Annie worked during world war 2 in titanic’s sister ship which was refitted as a hospital ship but things were strange once again she found an unconscious soldier and once again she began to recall the horrifying and terrifying experience of those night years back and feared if the demons were coming back to haunt her once again. Grab this terrifying best true horror book and became indulged in the thrill and horror. 

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 Clown in a Cornfield

Just like the name of this spooky book, this is another one of the scariest books ever and a must read in 2021. If you want to enjoy reading this terrifying book then order this online in Pakistan and get it delivered to your doorstep. This book revolves around a girl who was waiting to be graduated but things weren’t in her favor. As soon as she and her father moved to another small town for a fresh start after the corn syrup factory was shut down. Here the kettle springs have been divided into two because adults want to make things back to normal once again where the kids want to have fun and prank each other.

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Eden By Tim Lebbon

This is written by one of the best selling horror writers. Enjoy the classic horror story. The story revolves around lots of things one of them is the destruction of the Amazon rainforest and the extinction of various species. The main character leads a team to save the world. Faced by various challenges and dangers will he be able to accomplish his task? Or will he give up and accept the things as they are? To explore and accomplish the challenges faced by Dylan all you have to do is order this book online from booksreading and get it delivered to your doorstep easily.

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Bottom line

With the winter season approaching get busy and indulge yourself in the world of demons and nightmares where danger is found among every corner and you must be very careful if you want to survive. Above we have mentioned a list of books that are must-read in 2021. Reading spooky books will not only add tons of spookiness to your life but also make your weekend’s fun and refreshing. We bring you imported books from around the world to your doorstep. Order online books you love from the comfort of your home and get them delivered to you.   

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