What are Soft Wall Biotech Cleanrooms?

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Softwall Cleanrooms

In the medical field, there is very much a requirement for clean rooms as these are used to maintain the sterile environment along with various physical factors like temperature, humidity, and various other factors like air quality. Three types of cleanrooms are

  • Soft wall Clean Rooms
  • Hard wall Clean Rooms
  • Modulated Clean rooms.

Each is used to control all the factors discussed above but have their significance in different ways. Further here, we will discuss the soft wall clean rooms.

Soft wall cleanrooms are the very efficient clean rooms that came after the hard wall clean rooms. Soft wall cleanroom consists of almost all the substances which are present in the hard wall cleanroom. Soft walls are used at places where there is a need to research a concise period of time. This is a portable type of cleanroom which can be transferred from one place to the other. Soft wall cleanrooms consist of

  • Fume hood
  • Workbenches
  • Casework
  • Cabinets
  • Chairs

 These cleanrooms are very efficient in many ways.

Why We Should Go For Soft Wall Clean Room

Soft wall Clean Room is efficient as:

  • Expenditure: the cost of the Soft wall cleanroom is significantly less as compared to that of the rigid wall clean rooms. It costs about 100-150$ per square feet whereas hard walls are the way costlier. This type of cleanroom can be selected by the companies which are new and has limited money to invest with.
  • Delivery Time: The soft wall cleanrooms are constructed in very little time as compared to that of the hard wall cleanroom. So because of the less construction time, it gets delivered in a significantly less period of time. This is an excellent factor as sometimes there is an urgent need for the cleanroom so in that case, soft wall cleanroom is the best option.
  • Ease of Portability: soft wall cleanrooms can be shifted from one place to another very quickly. This is the most significant factor of the soft wall cleanroom. If the company wants to grow or shift from one place to the other or wants to work for less time at some particular place, this thing becomes very beneficial.
  • Easy Reconfiguration: Soft wall cleanroom can be reconfigured by some latest substances or anything required very quickly. Even the size of the soft wall cleanroom can also be modified as per requirement. If a company wants a more extensive area of the cleanroom, then it can be respaced very quickly, but this is not true in the case of the hard wall cleanroom.

Some Reasons Which May Affect the User

  • The quality of the substances is not as good as that of the hard wall cleanroom. There might come some leakages or microbial leakages in the air.
  • This can be easily used for short-term use but cannot be used for an extended period of time. There is the significance of portability, but it has some demerits too.
  • Even there is a great difference between the control of the physical factors between soft wall clean room and the hard wall cleanroom. Even the microbes are very less trapped in the soft wall cleanroom. So soft wall clean should be only recommended when the quality of air is not a matter of concern.
  • In some cases, the customer takes the soft wall cleanroom for ease of urgency as hard wall clean takes a longer time to get constructed, or the company wants to grow and is going to be shifted from one place to the more prominent place.

Even in the recent pandemic situation of Covid, the use of the Soft wall is very much increased. The demand suddenly rises to a great extent. Because it can be easily set up and is cheap as compared to that of the pandemic situation, in this pandemic situation, there was a significant shortage of labs. So this gave a huge help as this can be easily relocated.


Softwall Cleanrooms have their own characteristic features without any doubt. Even for new businesses, it is highly recommended as this is cheap, and if the company wants to grow, then it can be easily shifted. But the only disadvantage is that there are fewer factors controlled. But if the company is new and has no issues with the air quality, then they should go for a soft wall cleanroom as then there is no sense of investing in a hard wall cleanroom. then it is obviously just a waste of time

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